Who Should Your Business be Following on Twitter?


When it comes to using Twitter for business purposes, the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry don’t always provide that inspiration and motivation that you may be looking for. In addition, following everyone and anyone who happens to follow you back almost makes it impossible to get anything out of Twitter at all. For that reason, it is only right that as a business you should choose the right people and the great people to follow on Twitter, so that in the end, Twitter becomes a two way street of communication. If you are struggling to understand who to follow on Twitter, see below at some tips and tricks as to whom you should be following.

Depending on the industry your business is in, it can be very difficult to find the right people to follow, however, an absolute must and the first people you probably should follow are your clients and customers. They are the most important people to your business and therefore progress updates, news and general exposure to their everyday communications is essential to providing them with the best service possible.  It can also be suggested that this is a great way to show your customers that you care about them.

Secondly, if you are aiming to be the best, you’ve got to learn from the best. Industry leaders are perfect to follow on twitter as you may be able to gain industry specific ideas and hear first about industry news. The important thing to note is that if they are industry leaders, they are that for a reason and they too were and still probably are learning. In addition, they’ve probably made mistakes too and may offer advice on how to learn from them.

Even though following everyone and anyone that follows you can sometimes make you lose sight of the real purpose of Twitter, it is important to make sure that the influential people that follow you are recognised and followed back as it can be useful to interact with them. Influential people are great to be in contact with as not only are they interacting with you but your business as well, which can be great exposure. So, using tools such as Klout, FollowerWonk etc… can be really useful to help you find those influential people in your market and start interacting with them.

Hopefully if you are looking to get more out of Twitter for business purposes, finding those important people in the categories above and interacting with them may help you on your way to success. If not then it may be worth writing down what you want out of Twitter and then finding people around those goals. However, it is more likely than not that after you start following the right people; you will find it easier to know who to follow in the long term.


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Twitter Facts and Figures #Twitter

A great set of interesting and recent Twitter Facts and Figures which proves that social media marketing cannot be ignored.
From these figures it is clear that social media, especially Twitter, is growing rapidly and will not be slowing anytime soon. Due to the new updates and additions to social networks such as Instagram, it is obvious that social network brands themselves are realising the importance of being unique. However, ultimately, what we have seen in the past few months is quite the opposite and we are seeing a merge of several features.

It will be interesting to see where social media will go in the next year, but one things for certain, the only way is up!

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Here’s a fun Twitter info graphic for you!  All the up to date facts and figures for Twitter 2012. 

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“I’m a Social Geek” – Stephanie Balsom-Eynon (2013)

So, soon it will be a year since I finished University, oh my god. Not only has that time gone incredibly fast but a lot and I mean a lot has changed. They say a lot can change in a day, they’re not wrong.

This week I will have been in my new job for 7 months and so really I can’t call it my new job anymore can I? I find it hard to believe how much the last 7 months have given me; invaluable experience that I don’t think I could have gained from anywhere else. Yesterday I was sat at my desk thinking about how much I have learnt in the short amount of time I have been working in my first grown up job and how really, the words grown up are long gone and this is my job now and Social Media is my baby.

Clearly as time moves on Social Media will become a bigger part of everyone’s life and those people who say “I just don’t get Twitter” or “I’m not on Facebook” will learn to get it and will get on it. You see what I’ve learnt about Social Media is that people need to understand that it’s not evil, it’s not something that is “just a phase” and it is something that everybody can love regardless of how young or old you are.

It’s weird really, I remember when I was growing up that people were almost ashamed of social media and it was the cool people who weren’t on it as, “who wants to hear about what other people are doing?” Looking back I feel that is such a weird thing to be ashamed of, as if you didn’t ask your friends what they did over the weekend, it’d be kind of rude? Don’t you think? I think what people don’t get is that social media is a form of communication and that you need to embrace it, like mobile phones for example. I’ve never heard someone say they didn’t have a phone because they didn’t want to talk to people and really, social media is the same but online and now integrated with your phone.

The mixed feelings of social media have made such a difference in my life from people telling me my job is “pointless” to people asking “do I just sit on Facebook all day” and anybody who’s anybody in Social Media knows that’s not true. My job is so much more than that, it’s reporting, doing competitor analysis, creating content and content plans, trying to get you, the general public to engage with the brand and if you don’t, seeing why you didn’t! It’s full of interesting facts which don’t make sense to the average person and full of people who get excited about the latest trends. Jealous yet?

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t get social media (unlikely if you’re reading a blog) or you know people that don’t, ask them why, tell them why they should! I go back to the start of this blog post and remind you that a lot can change in a day and you can too. Social media is a great world to be in, so come in, embrace it and join the fun!

After a lot of deliberating I have decided I am going to write my own social media course and teach those that don’t get the value of what they’re missing. If anything they’re missing that hash tag their friends are following, or that video that’s gone viral but for some it might be the next step in their business plan or the missing link in their strategy. It’s going to be a long old journey, and quite a challenging one too, but I’ll get there, I always do and with my help in maybe one, two years time so can you! So drop down your TV remote and start socialising!

It used to be cool to be a mystery and that one person not on Facebook. Well, if that’s still the case then I’m a Social geek, a dweeb and a nerd but fortunately I have several others in my gang…


Social Media, is it Worth it?

This week my wonderful world of social has been a tough one. Not tough as in hard but tough as in quite tongue twistingly, mind bendingly confusing! You see, I’m half way through collecting information and cementing the building blocks to my social media strategy and a lot of the time I’m staring into my computer thinking wow…

The world of social media is a tricky one in that, realistic return on investment is hard to show. We can all pretend that Social ROI is measurable and that we can get that final number, but in simple terms, there just isn’t one. So at the moment, my tongue twistingly, mind bendingly confusing question is, how do you prove social media is worth it?

I suppose it’s easy right? If a customer likes your Facebook page or follows you on Twitter and they enquire about a product or service and then go on to buy the product or service, that’s return… Wrong. The problem with social media is that it is the tray to your breakfast or the ambulance trolley. Social media is right there at the start of everything, helping and assisting the customer with queries. However, unless you have a Facebook tab “shop”, it is left standing when all pre purchase evaluation has been covered (pretty much like an ambulance trolley which only sees it to the door of the hospital).

As technology has moved on we can use google analytics to track where the customer has been on their journey and if they have gone on to make a purchase. However, when looking at your companies analytics, when is social media ever at the end? It’s not, it’s in the middle, being used as a pre purchase evaluation tool where people are looking for their “pros and cons” or their recommendations.

That’s the problem really… Social media will never be the final party or the only party in a purchase and so it is difficult to determine how much input it has had to the sale. The conference I went to a couple of weeks ago covered ROI and how it could be measured and one woman suggested that ROI should stand for “Return on Influence” in the social media world. Now that makes sense! Through analytics and Facebook tabs I can tell you if I’ve influenced a customer into taking the next step on the customer journey. I can tell you if I’ve generated a lead because of a post or a tweet. So why not! Why can’t we turn round to our FD’s and say “I can’t tell you how much money I’m making but I can tell you how much I’m influencing?” (Are you laughing too?)

That’s why my week has been tough, people want figures, money, pound signs, and in the social media world it’s a struggle to find them. So I have concluded this… If people want them, they’ll get them. My reports each week include several figures such as reach, leads and how much interaction we have had and therefore non directly, without saying it, I’m showing that return on influence with that aspect of real ROI (leads).

If like me you’re having the same problems, trying to figure out how to show that one figure, do what I did and slow down, take a minute and look at the influence because if the influence is strong and the purchase intention is strong, your social media will give that one final push to the website or the store and really, that’s all we need…