Social Media: is it the new playground?

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Social Networks Explained: Thumb

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Twitter Facts and Figures #Twitter

A great set of interesting and recent Twitter Facts and Figures which proves that social media marketing cannot be ignored.
From these figures it is clear that social media, especially Twitter, is growing rapidly and will not be slowing anytime soon. Due to the new updates and additions to social networks such as Instagram, it is obvious that social network brands themselves are realising the importance of being unique. However, ultimately, what we have seen in the past few months is quite the opposite and we are seeing a merge of several features.

It will be interesting to see where social media will go in the next year, but one things for certain, the only way is up!

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Here’s a fun Twitter info graphic for you!  All the up to date facts and figures for Twitter 2012. 

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No Man’s Land – The Rise of the Digital Generation


So I’m sat here on a train to London at 7:41am. I’ve been on the train since 7am though and I am currently writing this blog in no mans land, the world of no wifi and no signal. It’s weird isn’t it how life has evolved and how now our lives revolve around the Internet. The thought of sitting here with nothing to do just staring into space is a terrifying one as nowadays that loneliness is replaced with those you haven’t seen in forever on Facebook and those who you wish were your friends on Twitter.

Of course I sit here feeling all alone in this train carriage because I am an addict of Social Media, I am that ‘social geek’ but it gets me thinking about the different generations that we currently have in this world and of course not forgetting the different cultures. I suppose ten years ago, computers, mobile phones and the Internet were just evolving and starting to become popular, however they weren’t mobile, things weren’t ‘fibrotic’ or ‘4G’. This creates the question of what did people do to combat their loneliness and how did they combat the boredom of a one, two or maybe even three hour train? I presume that people read books, worked on their paperwork or read the daily newspaper but that right there shows the changes in generation, as the thought of not having my iPad or iPhone to work on confuses me greatly. I mean maybe those past generations didn’t combat the boredom, maybe they were bored, maybe this is why gadgets and mobile phones evolved because someone was simply just trying to keep themselves amused on a train? Maybe.

I’m currently on my way to a digital conference regarding education and the childcare sector and really this talk of generation change fits quite well. Social media for the childcare sector is different as it is not regarding the child but the parents who may need the help in knowing how to bring up their child, or stop them screaming or how to make them eat properly. This, as much as anything in the newest generation of mothers, is completely mind blowing. I presume that if I asked my mum where she got her advice on how to bring me up she would say her mum or her sister and maybe, but this is a small maybe, she may have said a book. However, things have changed now and mothers all across the world would rather take to the Internet or blogs or social networks to find that advice that they need. Is it embarrassment of asking for help? Is it convenience? Who knows but it’s happening and at this point in time I’m on my way to find out how I can be of service.

I consider the large number of mummy bloggers I have seen in the big wide world of social media and the amount of forums I have read from people trying to gain advice and it makes me explore the suggestion that if we get our advice from strangers on the Internet, will we ever grow up like our family? I assume that when you are bringing up a child that when you ask your mum what to do or your sister how to do that, a little part of your family is passed down and a family trait may be created or passed on but if we get that advice from someone else, are we incorporating other family traits into our own? Is this a good thing? Maybe.

I expect it’s down to the advice you give out or receive and whether you decide to take it but ultimately are we damaging future generations by not learning from our parents? Does that take us back to no mans land and how mothers may feel isolated and lonely at home, afraid to ask for help but can find it online and in the comfort of their own home? Possibly.

I believe the concept of no mans land will become more common in every way of life due to the convenience of the Internet and the aspect of mobility. However, it does bare the question of how can we use this concept to create communities online that can be taken offline when necessary? What if it all goes dark? What if the Internet goes down forever? I guess we’ll never know but I know one thing, if it does all go dark and no mans land becomes a reality and not a concept, we’ll all be totally confused.

but hey, aren’t we now?