Who Should Your Business be Following on Twitter?


When it comes to using Twitter for business purposes, the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry don’t always provide that inspiration and motivation that you may be looking for. In addition, following everyone and anyone who happens to follow you back almost makes it impossible to get anything out of Twitter at all. For that reason, it is only right that as a business you should choose the right people and the great people to follow on Twitter, so that in the end, Twitter becomes a two way street of communication. If you are struggling to understand who to follow on Twitter, see below at some tips and tricks as to whom you should be following.

Depending on the industry your business is in, it can be very difficult to find the right people to follow, however, an absolute must and the first people you probably should follow are your clients and customers. They are the most important people to your business and therefore progress updates, news and general exposure to their everyday communications is essential to providing them with the best service possible.  It can also be suggested that this is a great way to show your customers that you care about them.

Secondly, if you are aiming to be the best, you’ve got to learn from the best. Industry leaders are perfect to follow on twitter as you may be able to gain industry specific ideas and hear first about industry news. The important thing to note is that if they are industry leaders, they are that for a reason and they too were and still probably are learning. In addition, they’ve probably made mistakes too and may offer advice on how to learn from them.

Even though following everyone and anyone that follows you can sometimes make you lose sight of the real purpose of Twitter, it is important to make sure that the influential people that follow you are recognised and followed back as it can be useful to interact with them. Influential people are great to be in contact with as not only are they interacting with you but your business as well, which can be great exposure. So, using tools such as Klout, FollowerWonk etc… can be really useful to help you find those influential people in your market and start interacting with them.

Hopefully if you are looking to get more out of Twitter for business purposes, finding those important people in the categories above and interacting with them may help you on your way to success. If not then it may be worth writing down what you want out of Twitter and then finding people around those goals. However, it is more likely than not that after you start following the right people; you will find it easier to know who to follow in the long term.


How to: Make Your Website Mobile Ready


With the growth of smartphones over the last few years, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to have websites that cover all media types. As a result, responsive website designs are becoming extremely popular so that no matter what the device, the user experience will be just as good. With the web being completely universal, people are browsing in many different locations, on many different devices and therefore having a mobile-friendly website is no longer just important to businesses, its essential.

User experience designers are on the rise so that a poor mobile experience is a thing of the past and as mobile now accounts for over 20% of all web traffic, it is extremely important that the customer experience is effortless and essentially not frustrating. Therefore, responsive design is a no brainer as it makes websites easier to read, easier to navigate and most importantly keeps people interested without being frustrated.

Integrating responsive design can be cost effective and actually save time and money so that eventually the user experience can start making you money. In order to do this, you must build a website that showcases your business on every screen with a great browsing experience. If you haven’t got much budget, there are ways that you can make a desktop website mobile friendly and still create a great user experience at the same time. Using plug-ins on your website can automatically enable mobile users to access a mobile version. Google have a great online tool, Google Mobile Optimiser, which looks for mobile versions of your site and allows you to test your site to help make your site mobile ready.

At the very least it is important to simplify your site design so that if your website is displayed on a mobile, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and that the user is happy with the experience. If you’re going all out however, adaptive design is the high end of website design and requires heavy investment as it reaches the largest possible online audience.

Making your website mobile ready and/or responsive can be done a number of different ways, the best options are listed below. However, it is important to consider what you are trying to achieve from your site before choosing an option but a great design will always help to bring in more customers, and keep them there.

  • WordPress Responsive Theme
  • WPTouch Pro – Recommended
  • WPTap
  • WP Mobile Detector
  • WordPress Mobile
  • Duda Mobile WordPress Plugin

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