Review: Innocent Mexican Veg Pot

As I’m starting to try a few new things lately I thought I should start doing a few reviews on this blog to mix things up a little! I’m a very opinionated person and therefore I like to get my views across and have a chance to express my feelings. I’m not going to make it too long I’m just going to make it interesting and straight to the point. So if you’re wondering what the Innocent Mexican Veg Pot is like, read on!

As my boyfriend and I started to cook the pot we decided that as a supposed lunch or dinner it is a very large portion for one person. As a consequence we decided to split it between us and have half each. We had had a big lunch and therefore weren’t horrifically hungry and therefore we didn’t mind that after splitting, the portion sizes were very small. Obviously this doesn’t go against the product as it is meant for one person but the fact is the meal for one is too big and encourages waste (which at the moment is massive in the UK).

Due to the small size we decided to add a chicken breast each to the portions to big it up a little (would recommend if having for dinner). The pot itself has very few calories (325 for the 390g pot) which is great if you’re watching your weight and you want a light dinner. However, as mentioned the pot is way too big for one and therefore is lacking in calories for a 2 person meal (roughly 200 calories each with a chicken breast added).


Now I know what you’re thinking (great! Room for a Kitkat) less calories is good right? However the low calories and saturated fat content could encourage more snacking as you may feel you are not completely satisfied. As much as that may be true for some people, we found the dish to be very satisfying and unusually didn’t reach for anything else all night!

Now onto the taste! My boyfriend and I agreed that the taste was good but quite strange due to the mixture of vegetables and rice with little else however when adding the chicken the taste was very good as we felt it just needed that little bit extra! The vegetables in the pot were as fresh as they could be, tasty and there was a large variety which kept the taste buds wanting more to see what would come next. For me, the greatest addition was sweetcorn which gets little attention in dishes but is amazing when added to a Mexican.

Overall: for a Mexican dish it is great; tasty, flavourful and filling which like many other Mexican dishes makes them hard to stay away from. We loved the dish with our little addition for a small meal after a big lunch. I’d say it’s too big for one but by adding to it it’s good for two. We’ll certainly be buying this product again but trying a different flavour and seeing what else we can add to it!

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