Taking the Challenge of 26.2

The last time I blogged it was a while ago. There is not a worse feeling than knowing that you have left your blog, and its followers, in the lurch as to when your next post will arrive. After a long time of no time, I’ve finally found a window to update my blog and tell the world about the last two months where I have been endlessly busy and ultimately, living the dream.

On 23rd September I took a step and moved from client side marketing to agency side, a move I was told would not be a clever one but I did it anyway. I think that’s the [bad] thing about me, I’ll take the advice, I’ll take the direction but ultimately in my heart if I feel it’s going to be a good move, I’ll do it anyway. Maybe that’s not a bad thing and maybe that’s why I’m where I am today. For everyone wondering, it’s been the best move of my entire life and I’ve never been as happy as I am today.

For the past two months I have been using my experience in social media strategy and community management to help all sorts of clients extend their reach and deliver parts of their KPI’s and it’s a great feeling. The other day I said to my colleagues “it’s amazing to see results” and it really is amazing to see something that you truly believe in work for so many different companies and industries.

This is why I’ve had no time to post, I’ve been wrapped up in my world of social and absolutely loving it to make sure that I can control my career in a way I want it to go, and it’s working. There’s nothing more I love than feeling in control and for once in my life I finally feel settled in where I am and I’m ready for where the next however many years are going to take me.

In the last few months another amazing thing has happened to me, I got into the Virgin London Marathon! I’m not a runner, never have been, but last year when I was watching it on the television I said to myself, “I want to do that one day”, so I applied. Now, you don’t really realise how long 26.2 miles is until you get the phone call to say you’re in and going to be running it!

I’m running for Mind, a mental health charity, due to in the past when I suffered depression and needed the help. I didn’t use Mind at the time however it is nice to know that now, there are charities out there that offer support at these difficult times and therefore I want to raise awareness of this. I’m currently up to 10 miles with three months to go and I’m loving seeing the progress I have made since I started.

So, please support me in taking this challenge by donating to Mind, who help people who may be suffering in silence, like I did.


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